The school may conduct excursions from time to time. These excursions are wonderful educational opportunities and every child is encouraged to attend. Children must bring the requested amount of money to attend otherwise they will not be able to attend the excision. Your child’s medical forms and medication are taken on all excursions.

The school publishes a costing document each year which provides details for the maximum expenditure that each year level will incur when attending all excursions. Final payment dates are published with each excursion and are required to be paid in advance. Should a family have concerns about meeting the payment required they should contact the school Registrar to organise a payment plan giving every child an opportunity to participate in extra activities. Students attending the excursion must be in full school uniform.

Care of money

Children should only bring the amount of money that they require to pay for excursions. Please do not allow children to bring larger amounts as the school will not take responsibility if money is lost.