From the Principal -Term 3 issue 10

Dear Parents and Carers Wasn’t the performance of B6 at this fortnight’s assembly, delightful, and the perfect solution for a chilly day! Under the direction of Ms Hulatt, our talented Year 2 / 3 students, dressed in bright costumes, sang ‘Keep on the Sunny Side’. Aligned with our school value of being resilient, the class …

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From the Principal – Term 3 issue 9

Dear Parents and Carers Welcome back to second semester! I hope that you had a relaxing and enjoyable time with children over the holidays and managed to take advantage of the one or two sunny, winter days. We’ve had a smooth start to second semester, key academic programs have been fully implemented, as well as …

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From the Principal – Term 2 Issue 8

Dear Parents and Carers The evolution of dance was the theme A4 students chose for our final assembly of Term 2. Looking after our physical, emotion and mental wellbeing is essential for a healthy life. Act-Belong-Commit explained that, “Moving to your favourite music is an uplifting experience and by being present in the moment and paying …

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