Application to Enrol

South Lake is a local intake school and has distinct boundaries from which enrolments are drawn. When enrolling please ensure you include proof of residency required to enrol at the school.

South Lake Primary is open for Kindy enrolments. It is vitally important that all Kindergarten and Pre-primary aged children enrol to attend school. Our early childhood trained staff encourage students to explore, experiment, question, discuss and construct in a variety of purposeful learning experiences. Going to school every day paves the way for future success and a positive attitude to lifelong learning.

If you have children that are eligible, or have friends, neighbours or relatives that have children that are eligible we would encourage you to come to school to find out about programs or submit an application.

School age calculator

It’s time to enrol for schooling in 2025

We are now taking applications for enrolment in 2025. You need to enrol for:

  • Starting Kindergarten – 4 years old by 30 June 2025
  • Starting Pre-primary, the first year of compulsory school –5 years old by 30 June 2025
  • All children from Kindy, Pre-primary to Year 12 are guaranteed a place at their local public school.
  • Remember to bring Birth Certificates, proof of address and an up-to-date immunisation history statement.

Enrolment Forms

On enrolment you will be asked to complete enrolment forms, this information is very important. Please ensure that telephone numbers, addresses, emergency contacts and relevant health information is always kept up to date. It is essential that you notify the office when any changes occur. You will be asked to provide your child’s health information to help the school meet your child’s health needs. You will be asked to:

  • provide your child’s Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) immunisation history statement
  • complete a Health Care Summary Form with details about health care needs and information to use in a medical emergency
  • complete Management and Emergency Response Plans where the Health Care Summary indicates your child needs support at school (please see Parent information: Health Services)

As part of the enrolment form parents are requested to inform us of any photographic restrictions for their children. Photographs are used in the newsletter, displays in the office and sometimes on the school web site.  If your situation changes at anytime and you would like to alter your details please inform the office.

The use of internet and web based education resources has risen steadily over the last  decade. South Lake Primary School provides access to the Internet in order to support learning programs and teachers make decisions about the best technology to meet the needs of students. For your child to use these online programs and services, parents /carers must give their approval by signing the relevant form at enrolment.

Custody of Children

Where there is a separation in the family and one parent has custody of the child/children, the school must be made aware of custody details. Official documents relating to this should be made available to the school.  All such information is strictly confidential. Without official court documentation both parents have equal access to the child concerned.