Harmony Day

SLPS celebrated Harmony Day on Thursday 23rd March. Each class participated in a variety of activities, celebrating the many different cultures within our school community.

Students were invited to come wearing any cultural clothing or the colour orange, which symbolises acceptance and respect.

It is the school’s vision that our community will continue to grow in unity and appreciation for multiculturalism, on and beyond Harmony Day.

Christmas Concert

The student’s wowed everyone with their singing at the Christmas Concert.

A big thank you to Nations Church for providing our audience with free coffee and muffins.

Congratulations to the P&C raffle winners.


The year 6 students had a great time at Point Peron for their camp.

· ‘Archery was one of the best activities that got me excited because I got a bullseye!’ -Marsel

· ‘Orienteering was really fun because I really loved how me and my friends used a lot of teamwork while finding more things’. – Trust

· ‘Kayaking was so much fun but it was hard too!’ – Eliza

· ‘Rock climbing was super fun! I loved how we got to race to the top. In my mind it was really easy for me but when I did the harder level it was tricky because we had to pull ourselves to the top and it was quite hard’. – Lilly

· ‘I had fun because we had to look around and it was calming and fun. I LOVE CAMP!’ – Tyson

Athletics Carnival

We had a perfect spring day for our 2022 Athletics Carnival, and whilst the weather was a bit brisk to start it didn’t curb the enthusiasm and outstanding sportsmanship of students. At the end of the day, Elliott was our winning faction with Cable and Strickland close runners up.

Reptile Incursion

Thank you to the City of Cockburn for their support with an Environmental Grant that enabled us to procure the services of Lisa (Lady Snake Charmer) from ‘The Perth Reptile Company’. South Lake Primary students were enthralled as Lisa shared lots of interesting facts about her many reptile friends